Optical Bonding Boosts Visibility of Touchscreen Monitors, Anywhere

The bank patron who wants to make a withdrawal from an ATM at noon or the movie patron trying to buy tickets for the matinee show are familiar with the struggle of viewing outdoor touchscreen monitors: Bright, reflected light makes it more difficult for the user to see the screen clearly and conduct business quickly and accurately.

As public, outdoor applications of touchscreen monitors become more common, Caltron strives to incorporate innovative solutions and keep its monitors the most user-friendly available. One particularly effective response to the challenge of poor display quality caused by reflected light is optical bonding.

The process of optical bonding involves laminating an anti-reflective cover glass onto the LCD screen with a special glue. Curing then solidifies the bond. With the air gap between the two surfaces eliminated, internally reflected light is greatly reduced and visibility much improved.

The tight assembly also keeps out dust, a problem in virtually all outdoor applications, and condensation, which frequently forms when temperatures fluctuate. Optical bonding also protects the touchscreen monitor against excessive shaking or rough handling, which often occurs in transportation or military applications.

Caltron Industries has made optical bonding an option on all model sizes of its touchscreen monitors.