Caltron Set to Introduce HBT-0842O, A High Bright 8.4 Inch Open Frame Monitor for High Ambient Environment Applications

Caltron releases the HBT-0842O, 8 Inch Compact Open Frame High Brightness LED Backlit Industrial Display to the popular line of open frame high bright monitors. Just like all of Caltron’s other high bright and open frame monitors, the HBT-0842O has the option of adding on addition ports to satisfy special project needs and can also have a touch application integrated, whether it is a resistive or surface acoustic wave touch panel.

Caltron’s high bright open frame monitors are ideal for many applications. Rated at 1,000 nits or cd/m2, Caltron’s HBT-0842O can be the ideal unit for photo booths, outdoor ticketing machines, Kiosks, instrumentation controls to basically any place that has high ambient lighting that requires a monitor that is bright enough to still have a magnificent display that is capable of showing great quality content with minimal effect from the bright lights. This unit is especially useful for signage applications that are located outdoors or in areas with a lot of bright lights.

The HBT-0842O is designed with a chassis that will remain consistent throughout the lifetime of the unit and the design will not change to ease the mind of designers and integrators when designing the unit into an enclosure


or application. Usually when a commercial grade monitor fails, the whole unit is rendered defective and finding an exact replacement unit is difficult, due to the design changes happening so often. Also with this unique model , like all of Caltron’s other industrial monitors and industrial touch monitors, should a component fail, only the one part will have to be repaired/replaced instead of having a completely defective whole unit. With replacing components made so easy, it helps to relieve the burden and worry of design changes in enclosures.

For more information about HBT-0842O and associated 8 in industrial sunlight readable flatpanel touch displays, please email us or call a Caltron sales representative at 510-440-1800.

HBT-0842O, A High Bright 8.4 Inch Open Frame Monitor