Caltron Industries, Inc. releases the LBT-1503O, 15" Open Frame LED Monitor

The LBT-1503O is a LED backlit monitor that provides more power output while using less energy.

With technology advancing towards a greener world, Caltron has released the LBT-1503O, 15” 4:3 Panel-Mount Open Frame LCD Monitor Display. This monitor can have a touch screen option added for special projects that require a touch screen monitor. The LBT-1503O has a higher energy output to produce a higher quality display, but at the same time use less energy than a typical LCD monitor. Caltron provides a LED option to make our Open Frame Monitor and Touch Screen Monitor. Product line more extensive and readily available to projects that might require various types of monitors. Many project applications do require larger size screens, so Caltron tries as best as possible to accommodate all project types by increasing our product line so that designers and integrators have a myriad of options to choose from.

LBT-1503O, 15



Not only is the LBT-1503O robust and capable of handling many harsh environments, but it is well equipped and sleekly designed to easily fit into many enclosures and can be designed for many applications. Integrators and OEM’s now have the option of using a monitor with higher brightness and clarity without the worry of paying an absorbent amount of money. With the LBT and FBT models both having the same chassis design, it will be easy for integrators to swap out the units with ease, if necessary. Some project applications also require special add-ons that are not standard for our units for their project needs and Caltron can accommodate project needs by obtaining the required parts for the unit.

Many industrial applications would like to get the most robust product that is best suited for their application the first time around and with the LBT-1503O having higher temperature ratings than the typical FBT-1503O and a longer MTBF from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, integrators and OEM’s can use these monitors into any application with minimal worry. The LBT-1503O is comprised of all the same durable industrial grade components as all of our other products.

For more information about Caltron's 15 inch LCD embedded industrial touchscreen panels, please email us or call a Caltron sales representative at 510-440-1800.