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LWT-1850 is a Customizable Touchscreen Solution for a Range of Industries

Latest 18.5” Caltron Product Offers Outstanding Visual Display Quality and Choice of Touch Technologies

September 12th, 2017

Caltron Industries has equipped its newest mid-size touchscreen monitor, the LWT-185O, with notable upgrades in visual display quality and touch technologies and customizability that makes it ideal for use in a range of industrial applications.

Caltron anticipates the 19-inch LWT-185O will be popular in interactive kiosks at locations such as stores, restaurants, banks, theaters, and hospitals. A crisp, clear display, made possible by the LWT-185O’s wide-ratio 16:9 screen and energy-saving LED backlighting, makes this product “excellent for indoor applications,” says Jim Wang, president of Caltron Industries.

Optional optical bonding is a feature that boosts display quality even more. In the optical bonding process, a specially treated glass pane is sealed to the display panel to eliminate dust and glare.

In addition to optical bonding, other available value-added features include zero brightness control, a privacy filter, and 24 VDC input. Caltron engineers are able to tailor the LWT-185O to the specific requirements of any business. A second HDMI input and analog audio inputs are also value-added options.

A choice of two touch technologies are also available: Five-Wire Resistive and Projected Capacitive, also known as P-Cap. Resistive is less costly and responds to the touch of a finger, stylus, or similar object. With P-Cap, text and images on screen can be manipulated with several fingers.


LWT-185O Is Caltron’s Latest Open-Frame Model

The LWT-185O is the latest in Caltron’s series of cutting-edge open-frame touchscreen monitors. The “drop-in” design facilitates swift integration into existing systems. Open-frame drop-in display design, along with rugged construction that includes a 2mm LCD panel metal tray, is an enduring hallmark of all Caltron touchscreen monitors.

About Caltron

Caltron Industries was among the first manufacturers to build durable touchscreen monitors for all types of industrial applications. Over the past 20 years, our solutions have enabled companies to grow market share through innovative technology.

The LWT-185O series, our most recent line of touchscreen monitors, is built to hold up to intense 24/7 usage. To discuss how your business can upgrade to the LWT-185O monitor built specifically for you, talk to a Caltron customer representative today.

Call 510-440-1800 or email us.

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